About Fat Fit Punk

Exercise is for everyone, and it doesn’t have to suck.

Fat Fit Punk is radical, DIY, fat positive fitness. Our mission and our vision is to make movement accessible and fun to all – no Jock Jams needed – and to cultivate a can do, fuck you attitude in fitness spaces.

Posting short workouts, product reviews, articles, community building, Aerobics Underground classes, and more.  No diets, no weight loss goals, no fitness as thin-ness baloney.  Just good exercise and focus on healthy behaviors.  Because fitness and fatness aren’t mutually exclusive – and it’s time for the fitness industry to wake up.

Join the revolution with us! 


PATREON: www.patreon.com/fatfitpunk 

CA$H | PayPal | Venmo: @aerobicsunderground

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